New and Noted: “Digital Humanities in Practice” (Facet)

Claire Warwick, Melissa Terras and Julianne Nyhan, Digital Humanities in Practice (Facet) (Forthcoming)

Edited by three members of the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities, this collection contains, according to the blurb offered by the publisher, a wide variety of perspectives upon its subject:

Key topics covered include:
• social media and crowd sourcing
• digital images and digitisation
• 3D scanning and museums
• studying users and readers
• electronic text and corpora
• archaeology and GIS
• open access and online teaching of digital humanities
• books, texts and digital editing

It is, we are informed, moreover an “essential practical guide for academics, researchers, librarians and professionals involved in the digital humanities,” and will be “core reading for all humanities students and those taking courses in the digital humanities in particular.”  Strong claims indeed!  The paperback is listed at nearly CAN$80 on Amazon, so I’m not sure how many “humanities students” will be able to afford it, but I certainly look forward to seeing it myself.


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